After several attempts at getting a oh so popular BOC off of Woot, I was finally successful. Here is what I did.

First, Download Wootalyzer, with this you can quickly keep track of which item is up for grabs in the woot-off.

Second, make sure you are already logged into your woot account, this will save a step later.

Finally, when the BOC comes up, click the buy now button in the wootalyzer. Chances are you will see a server unavailable error, just keep refreshing the page (F5) until you get to the order page. Once you're there quickly enter in any info necessary and hope you get lucky. I will update the post with the contents of my BOC as soon as I receive it.

Good Luck!

Update: THE BOC IS IN!

Here is what I received when I ordered 1 bag of crap. Total cost was $6 including shipping. After checking prices, it looks like the stuff I received is worth roughly $40...not to shabby.

  • Digital camera bag
  • A few multi-screwdrivers